Revolutionary therapeutics

for the treatment of inflammatory and tissue degenerative diseases

CEACAM Therapeutics

A new biotech company based in Cork, Ireland, focused on the development and commercialization of novel anti-inflammatory therapeutics, with an initial focus on osteoarthritis (OA) and tendonitis.

The technology originated at University College Cork, based on the work of Dr. Tom Moore, who is an expert in studying the biology of placental proteins.
CEACAM Therapeutics (CTL) has developed a comprehensive portfolio of patents based on a treatment that is derived from Pregnancy-Specific Glycoproteins (PSG’s), which are naturally occurring in bodies of mammals, including equine and humans, CEACAM’s initial target markets.

  • Proven efficacy in treating multiple diseases including OA, wound healing, and stroke.

  • CTL’s PSG therapy produces anti-inflammatory effects, while also supporting immune function, and redirecting the immune system towards tissue repair. This supports long-term use and improved outcomes.

  • This dual action is not found in any existing drug classes.

  • Existing treatments (e.g. NSAIDs, steroids, anti-TNF monoclonal antibodies) cannot repair.

Status / Development Activities

  • Tested in mouse, pig, equine models
  • Comprehensive IP & patent portfolio
  • Building an expert management team
  • Partnerships for clinical phase pending 

Fields of Application

  • Osteoarthritis, tendonitis (equine, human)
  • Stroke, brain trauma, neuroimmunomodulation
  • Topical therapy for wound care, skin diseases
  • Regenerative medicine, cosmetic applications

Key Highlights

Unique, disruptively innovative medicine - with well understood mechanism
Revolutionary dual action - biotherapeutics solving "anti-inflammatory with healing" paradox
Comprehensive IP & patent portfolio
Ethical, scalable, affordable – more defined, convenient and lower cost than existing treatment
Rapid path to market – initial target of equine market while working towards human treatment